Welcome Tea

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Church Service Times


Sunday 10:30am Service


Sunday 10:30am (every week - Family Service normally on the 3rd Sunday in the month)
We enjoy lively worship and children are able to meet in various junior church groups.

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Services general:

"Great interaction with all the Friends and Family"
"We seek God together in worship"
"I think it's a lovely time to meet with God and Family"
"For years this has been my trusted place"

Evening service:
"I think it's more intimate and a great opportunity to express our worship deeper"
"I love coming to the evening service where I meet with God"

Morning Service:
"The Junior church ministry at St Thomas' is great - wonderful family atmosphere" 

Other events:
"I love being at St Thomas' around Christmas"

Other Services


A traditional spoken BCP Holy Communion Service is held at St Thomas' Church at 2pm on the second Wednesday every month, followed by tea and cakes in the Audrey Prentice room.


Sunday 6pm Service
- Your Kingdom Come

Worship and Ministry
at Holy Trinity Church

This is a more informal service and an opportunity to go a bit deeper into worship, teaching and prayer, and have space to wait on God. Allan, our vicar, often describes our evening service at Holy Trinity as our best kept secret!

Special Services

We make a special effort to celebrate the key festivals throughout the year.
There are also 'one off' services when we have a visiting speaker or a youth service.