Cell Groups

We encourage everyone in the church to join a small midweek group,
which we call a

What makes up a Cell Group?

Our Cell Groups at St Thomas' are based on the Cell UK model ( of the ‘Four Ws’ (Welcome, Worship, Word, Witness) which we apply flexibly for the needs of each group.

As well as a majority of evening groups, we currently have afternoon, ladies’ morning and evening, and youth cells.
The focus of most of these weekly meetings is the teaching message of the Sunday morning service to facilitate practical life application.

Every member of the group has a full part to play, and the leader has a facilitating role.
Each group will naturally develop its own character and way of working (rather like a family) All cells have a designated 'encourager' who visits, participates and generally encourages, guides and mentors where applicable.

If you want to know more about cells or are interested in joining one, please either contact the church office (01225 754826 or, or speak to one of the Church Wardens or Welcome Team, who will direct you to one of the Cell Encouragers.

 Sunday Sermons 
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Allan Coutts, 11/02/2018
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Eunja Palmen, 11/02/2018
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Sandra Tebbut, 04/02/2018
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Barbara Hakes , 28/01/2018
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 Cell Notes 
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