Sermons Recordings and Cell Notes 

Here are all the sermon recordings dating back to 2006. You will find the teaching covers a whole host of subjects and its relevance today.

Accompanying the sermon recordings are cell notes to help you expand on the word in your own time or with a Cell Group.
Simply match the sermon date with the cell note date.

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 St Thomas' Sermons 
Abraham (download)
Martyn Whittock , 25/02/2018
The Transfiguration (download)
Allan Coutts, 11/02/2018
Christianity Beyond Religion.... Love (download)
Eunja Palmen, 11/02/2018
Bible Society Update (download)
Sandra Tebbut, 04/02/2018
The KLs (download)
Barbara Hakes , 28/01/2018
The Lost Sheep (download)
Judy Wright, 21/01/2018
The Oaks of Righteousness (download)
Allan Coutts, 14/01/2018
Responsible Freedoms (download)
Martyn Whittock ,
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 Cell Notes 
191201 Cell Notes Vote for Jesus
191124 Cell Notes Christ the King
191117 Cell notes Birthdays
191103The Communion of Saints
191027 Cell notes
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 Other Recordings 
EU Debate @ Holy Trinity (download)
Martyn Whittock,
The Saviour is Born This Day (download)
Stuart Brown, 08/12/2013
Breaking Every Chain (download)
Richard Jones, 09/11/2013
Bitter or Better (download)
Kristina Collins, 12/10/2013
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Below are the archived sermon recordings and cell notes
dating back from 2006 -March 2013: