Overseas Mission Handbook 
2017 programme (40.3KB)


Overseas Missions

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Overseas mission has always been close to the heart of St. Thomas’ Church. Over the years many have been sent out in the Lord’s name to different nations, among them Nepal, Thailand, Japan, Ghana, the Philippines, Central Asia and the Sudan.
As a Mission Awareness team we long to see the next generation of mission minded folks both hearing and responding to God’s call to “go and make disciples of all nations”.
So it is our heart and prayer that these pages will help your understanding of the missions St. Thomas’ is supporting at this time.
May this give you an increased appetite to go yourselves or support others in going as they respond to God’s call. Both are needed to see God’s kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

Angela Grist 
Mission Co-ordinator

 Serve with us 

Throughout the year we have slots of one or two months to focus on any particular mission, and also a Missions Coffee Morning in November. Half of the Church’s outward giving goes to overseas missions each year, the allocations being recommended to the PCC by the Mission Awareness Team. We also support Tear Fund by monthly bread and cheese lunches and Compassion.

St.Thomas’ will offer those accepted
for both Short and Long Term Missions:

1. Prayer of commissioning in a main morning service and time to share about your calling
2. Pastoral/spiritual covering both on the field and on home assignment times
3. Prayer support and regular updates will be shared with the congregation
4. Financial support may be offered as agreed by PCC
5. Regular contact with the Mission Representative, Missions Co-ordinator or other specified person to keep the church informed as to how and where you are and any practical needs you may have


Your commitment to St. Thomas’:

1. To be in regular contact with the Church 
2. Let those responsible know of prayer needs, change of direction or situation 
3. Be accountable to the Church leadership for spiritual and pastoral input 
4. Use monies given by the Church for designated areas

There may also be those who want to go on missions privately, without going through the Church structures and of course this is an option, however, we’d still like to hear about it so we can pray for you.

Short Term Missions

If you feel God is calling you to short term mission (weeks or months) and you would like prayer support from St. Thomas’, please let the Mission Representative know. If it is with an organisation not supported by our Church - don’t let that put you off - please share this with the Missions Co-ordinator. The Mission representative will meet and pray with you, will inform the Missions Co-ordinator, who in turn will inform the Vicar. Please do this if possible before applying so we can prayerfully consider this step with you. If your application goes ahead, the Leadership Team/PCC/ Mission Awareness Team will be informed.

Long Term Missions

If you feel God is calling you to longer term missions then follow the same steps as above, have a word with the Mission Representative and the Missions Co-ordinator. The Vicar will be informed and he will meet with you to talk over this change of direction. If you have your call confirmed by the Church leadership then please go ahead with your application as your acceptance will be another confirmation for you. The PCC will then be informed and agreement of financial/prayer support will be discussed and settled on.