Missionary Fellowship

Our Vision

Through God’s grace we aim to see an indigenous biblical church movement in each people group of East Asia, evangelizing their own people and reaching out in mission to other peoples.

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Our History

The origins of OMF start with the founding of the China Inland Mission (CIM) by James Hudson Taylor in 1865, to work in China. By 1951 the communists had taken control of China and all Christian workers had to leave. Many moved to other Asian countries and the Overseas Mission Fellowship of the CIM was founded. Now just plain OMF it works alongside the church in ten countries on the Asia Pacific Rim, and has workers with professional skills in several more.

What we do

We share and show the love of Christ to East Asians in all walks of life - the poor and the rich, the young and the old, the religious and the non religious, without discrimination. We are also concerned, not just for those living in East Asia, but for East Asians in communities around the world including many in the UK.
East Asia is a region of great cultural, linguistic, religious and political diversity. Many of the people live in teeming mega-cities while others dwell in remote villages yet all have the same need of salvation.

We need people

We place people?of all ages – from young people who want to serve in Asia for a short time, to professionals who will go out with OMF on a long term basis and even retirees whose experience can be valuable in many situations. Whatever your background or training, OMF can find the place for you.

We need prayer

The people we send out and the people they go to need much prayer to support them. This is a vital ministry in which we can all participate. There is a wide range of continuously updated material available to our supporters so that they can pray meaningfully.

We need finance

OMF is a faith mission. We do not solicit funds or make appeals but each member has to be personally supported either through sponsoring churches or individuals.

Our church commitment

We sponsor Martin & Alison Clarkson-Webb who work at the OMF International Headquarters in Singapore after spending 5 years running the OMF regional office in Bristol. Although not “front line” workers they play a vital role in training and personnel administration in an organisation that has in excess of 1200 members.