GHNI Central Asia


Sudan is a large and diverse country.
It is the largest country in Africa and is characterised historically by the arabised and predominantly Muslim north and the predominantly Christian and animist south.entral Asia covers the lands ending in ‘stan’ meaning ‘the country of’, for example Afghanistan is the country of the Afghans, Tajikistan is the country of the Tajiks, Uzbekistan is the country of the Uzbeks etc

Afghanistan itself is situated in the middle of Central Asia surrounded by almost all of the other ‘stan’ countries. Iran is also often included with Central Asia mainly as it neighbours on Afghanistan in the east and is culturally similar to the ‘stan’ countries. Refer to map.

Islam is the majority religion in all the countries of Central Asia and the decision to become a ‘follower of Jesus’ is a momentous and life-changing one for anyone born into a Muslim family. It can turn one’s own family, friends and relatives into persecutors bringing anything from discrimination when it comes to education, career options and jobs to violence, imprisonment, murder or execution. Any young girls who dare to follow Jesus are often abducted and married off to a Muslim old man as a second or third wife. How can you and I support these our ‘brothers and sisters’ in their need?

Our Church giving for Central Asia is most often channelled through Releace International and/or Global Hope Network International. These arecharity organisations with workers in various parts of the world including Central Asia. 

Global Hope Network International
‘Bringing help and hope to the hidden and hurting’
Quote - ‘Global Hope Network International is non-profit, private, humanitarian aid organisation. Through a committed team of both staff and volunteers GHNI is dedicated to serving the ‘hidden and hurting’ in more than 38 countries around the world including many in Central Asia. GHNI focuses on the overlooked or hidden persons in war zones, natural disasters and under-developed countries providing aid and sustainable development through food and water supply, medical care, agriculture, education and micro-enterprise. As new disasters and crisis shake our world GHNI will continue to go to the corners of greatest need bringing help and hope to the hidden and hurting.’
Thank you for helping make this possible.