Arab World

Majed and Anna are currently serving with the media department of Arab World Ministries (AWM).

Arab World Ministries

Majed is the European Resource Development Manager, which means he has responsibility for promoting the various Arabic productions of AWM Media to other mission agencies in Europe. He is also involved with selecting media projects for AWM, answering correspondence on their Arabic website for Muslims, Maarifa, and helping with translation projects. Anna is responsible for logistics and distribution of productions within AWM media and helps with hospitality during conferences and meetings.

Al Kalima

As well as his work in the AWM media department, Majed is also a trustee of Al Kalima, a charity founded by Arab writer Mazhar Mallouhi and his wife Christine to publish and distribute books which help Muslims understand Christ, to build bridges of understanding between Muslims and Christians. Most Arab Muslims have never read the gospel and most Christian books are written for Christians. Those that are produced for a Muslim readership are often written in a very unsympathetic way. It is the goal of Al Kalima to make the Bible accessible for all literate Arabs.

Translation project

For the past four years Majed has been involved with a project to translate the New Testament into Arabic which is understood by Muslims. The first volume, Gospels and Acts, came out in 2008. The second volume, Epistles and Revelation, is expected to be published in 2011. The significance of this project is that it is probably the first time Muslim academics have been invited to help translate the Bible into Arabic. More details at

Sabbatical at Belfast Bible College

Majed has been accepted to do a post-graduate biblical course at Belfast Bible College starting in September 2010 for one year.
“I truly believe that this new step in faith will equip me for the more theological aspects of my ministry. It will also fulfil a long-held desire to study the Bible academically. I have longed for such an opportunity ever since I became a Christian. I pray that this new venture will help me to continue growing in faith and deepen my understanding.”